TradeLinkOne Portal

TradeLinkOne (TLO) is a powerful cloud-based portal. Its primary function is to display all order information regarding a customer’s shipment. It contains shipment information such as the Buyer’s purchase order, Supplier’s packing list, commercial invoice, packing and shipment status. TLO also has a smart routing methodology built into it to route all of these trade documents and statuses to any customer’s supply chain partners, in the partner’s formats. Behind the scenes, TradeLinkOne allows all supply chain trading partners to create, send, receive, negotiate, acknowledge, and display the electronic business documents and shipment information securely. TLO comes complete with dashboards, reports and smart email alerts. Lastly, many TLO packing and shipping workflows, along with decision support tools are cloud-based allowing for user flexibility and maximum ease of use. 

Primary Features

  • Customized to Buyers’ requirements and includes Routing Methodology
  • Exchanges trade documents through the internet or Value Added Networks (VAN) with security
  • System flow follows the physical flow of shipping information
  • Data can be shared and accessed by all supply chain partners
  • Documents display in different formats (HTML, PDF), which can be printed and served as a legal copy
  • WIP production milestone tracking
  • Raw Materials tracking
  • Decision Support – standard and report writer reports, and dashboards


  • Cloud based management reporting tools
  • Metrics and analytics enabled
  • Coupled with email alerts
  • Real time display fo shipment document details
  • Secure — employs SSL, digital certificates, encryption, AS2 communication protocols, API, Web API
  • Paperless, providing cost and time savings
  • Complete on-line visibility
  • Supports multiple Buyers and document standards


PackOne is a powerful application that can support all of a supplier’s packing needs. The supplier can use PackOne to receive a PO, complete a packing workflow, print compliant GS1-128 carton labels, and return outbound documents including packing lists, advance ship notices and statuses. PackOne supports  scanning verification and multiple pack types – bulk, mixed, pre-packs, store etc. The packing system is configured to fit the buyer’s packing and shipping workflows and guarantee compliance.

It can perform scan verification for any pack level including item, carton, pallet or container load and produce the appropriate packing lists. The application supports standard pack and standard carton compliance. When combined with a scale, it also checks weight validation. The PackOne system can support any type of bar code including RFID. With RFID, the applications supports item serialization with the customer’s internal or external serialization partner. It is the most powerful lightweight packing solution offered in today’s market.

  • Scalable, can support one or many user, workstations, and locations
  • Generates labels in a “scan & pack” / “scan & verify” / “label generation without scanning” / “pick & pack” mode
  • Creates all shipment documentations required by the Buyer customer, including GS1-compliant carton labels
  • Supports multi-Buyers’ requirements in the same system in the same location
  • Saves time and effort by automatically filing in data fields for fast document creation, and can be configured for machine learning
  • Stores different document formats for the same buyer or different buyers
  • Audits container loads via a carton label scanning process and creates a container packing list
  • RFID enabled
  • Standard pack, carton type including dimensions and label can be configured for validation
  • Uploads packing and loading status to TradeLinkOne for online monitoring
  • Supports drop/direct shipments
  • Pre-generates carton labels in batch or single mode
  • Allows system to define carton types and dimensions
  • Provides more packing controls with audio and visual features and alerts
  • Supports hang tag and poly-bag sticker printing
  • Offered in 9 different local language versions
  • Supports SOLAS requirements
  • Pre-generates carton labels in batch or single mode


ShipOne/sLinkOne can perform many of the operations that a factory does It can receive order information, print GS1-128 carton labels, and produce outbound Shipping documents including a packing list, commercial invoice, container manifest, and shipment statuses. Its best benefit is the ability to support a cross dock or trans-load process at origin or destination. It has a receiving audit function and can provide all supply chain parties with order received discrepancies. It can receive further distro or pick pack instructions to re-pack, re-label and re-message the receiving parties. It is combined with a light weight inventory system to support goods storage for a short period of time. This solution is combined with sLinkOne which has the ability to support any type of message event status such as ocean or air movement information. Combine this with the Container Load Optimization module and the cross dock facility can fully support a customer’s DC Bypass operation.

Primary Features

  • Perform cross dock scanning operation to support
    direct shipments or DC Bypass via UCC-128 carton
    label generation, ASNs, and invoices
  • Verify cartons loaded into truck or container to create container manifests
  • Support light “pick & pack” operations including storage with lightweight inventory application
  • Supports retail GS1-compliant carton label generation
  • Support generation of all labels for a shipment including parcel package ground service carriers
  • Create Shipment Status Messages via web based application sLinkOne
  • Includes Container Load Optimization module


  • Allows smaller freight forwarders to provide consignee customers with any type of shipment information or level
  • Supports shippers cross-dock process
  • Supports multiple shippers
  • Generates shipment information to flow via internet securely or through EOI communication protocol
  • Less technical infrastructure is needed, translating into less cost and resources needed to support the shipping customer


The eLinkOne Solution was developed for seasonal / low volume Suppliers or to provide Buyers with rapid deployment options. It provides the final piece in the solution set, allowing suppliers to use a friendly cloud-based portal to generate GS1-compliant carton labels and electronic Advance Ship Notices (ASN) and Invoices. 

Primary Features

  • eLinkOne is certified by the Buyer and supports all of the Buyer’s requirements for EDI compliance
  • On-line application for PO acceptance, label ordering or printing, and ASN generation
  • Global regional offices / partners are available to print the labels when necessary.
  • All purchase orders and shipment details can be checked via a customized secure web based portal
  • All trade documents can be printed for the portal


  • Supplier does not have to make an investment in hardware or software to be compliant. Pricing is based on “pay as you use”
  • Buyers can achieve the elusive 100% shipment visibility and automated receiving goals
  • All Buyer requirements are fully supported along with system assistance in the form of email alerts and online viewing of all shipment information

Online Ordering for Price Tickets – Asia Pacific

TradeLink Technologies Hong Kong provides an online ordering service of Price Ticket and UPC label prints for international brands. Factories can check PO information and order price tickets online through a simple and secure web platform. Printed tags and labels are Buyers’ approved format.

Primary Features

  • Purchase Orders are received into TradeLinkOne account from the Buyers, and factories can login to view and to order tags via the same portal interface
  • Order details like Product ID, Product Description, UPC, Color, and Size are automatically extracted from Buyer’s PO
  • Print images can be previewed and saved as PDF files
  • Factories simply need to press a few buttons to confirm on the order quantity
  • Printed tags and labels are received from TradeLink’s regional printing locations that are geographically closest to factories to reduce order lead time


  • Eliminates Costly Human Errors in Data Reinput
  • Increases Data Accuracy
  • Saves Order Handling Time
  • Reduces Potential Chargeback


WIP361 is a cloud-based WIP (work-in-progress) solution assembled to provide importers upstream order visibility at the production level. Importers and manufacturers can view real time status of their order production status based on their configured production milestones. All milestones are configured to suit the importer’s and manufacturer’s production requirements. The solution has smart email alerts alerting the users of any business condition required. Also standard reports provide information regarding on-time or late production, potential bottle necks in production, production metrics, etc. Tablet applications scanning QR codes or RFID tags are deployed allowing statuses to be captured at production locations. The statuses are automatically sent to the cloud based WIP 361 system for capture and analysis. WIP361 can also be partnered with a similar technology solution that can view Raw Material shipments received into the production facility.

Primary Features

  • Generates electronic production tickets (RFID or QR code media), which replace the barcode ticket or manual card to record the finished production quantities
  • Tracks the real-time production WIP status and progress in various production processes
  • Tracks quality issues and provides quality reports
  • Identifies WIP production bottlenecks on time for dynamic resource load balancing
  • Offers various management reports for analysis and decision making purposes
  • WIP data can be browsed anytime and anywhere
  • Flexible, Accurate, Timely, Made with the vendor in mind, scalable, & upgradable


  • Cloud based WIP monitoring with e-Supply Chain integration
  • Configuration milestone and checkpoints under respective production requirements
  • Customization for WIP templates under multiple customer / brand / department
  • WIP data synchronization with customer sales orders
  • WIP status update and monitoring via alternative ways by web UI edit / by Android platforms
  • WIP lines include e-Tracking and smart alerts
  • WIP report generation to fulfil data requirements and analysis from Buyer internal/external users


TradeLink Technologies provides a factory-based production management system, WIPOne, that leverages RFID technology to collect real-time production data on the shop floor. It can be implemented in a check-point based setup for zone level tracking or workstation base setup for individual worker performance monitoring. WIPOne includes advanced components such as Online Monitoring and Report Analytics to optimize the production process. Solution can be applied in apparel, footwear, bag & leather sectors.

Primary Features

  • Generates electronic production tickets (RFID media), which replace the barcode ticket or manual card to record the finished production quantities and wages for individual workers for payroll systems
  • Tracks the real-time production WIP status and progress in various production processes
  • Measures individual worker’s productivity to support better efficiency
  • Tracks quality issues and provides quality reports
  • Identifies WIP production bottlenecks on time for dynamic resource load balancing
  • Offers various management reports for analysis and decision making purposes
  • WIP data can be browsed anytime and anywhere


  • Improves quality, raises productivity, and saves costs
  • Enhances transparency in the production process
  • Increases visibility of individual worker performances
  • Provides real-time identification of production bottlenecks
  • Reduced WIP Inventory
  • Better Customer Service and Company efficiency